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Frosted and Flocked Christmas Trees

People who would like a wintery, snow dusted tree can find two different types of artificial Christmas trees that will suit their needs: frosted and flocked. Frosted artificial trees generally have either white paint sprayed onto the needles, where the needles still retain their relatively flat shape, or a minimum amount of fine grain flocking material. Flocked artificial Christmas trees on the other hand have a heavier flocking that's usually baked onto the trees. The same look can be achieved with real Christmas trees by purchasing spray-on flocking that comes in spray cans. Additionally, some real Christmas tree sellers have real trees that have already been "flocked".

Below are a few examples of both frosted and flocked artificial Christmas trees:

Frosted Glacier Tree
Glacier Tree

Flocked North Pole Fir
North Pole Fir

Flocked Hunter Tree
Flocked Hunter

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