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For many people there is no Christmas without a tree. The Christmas tree is often the center of family celebrations, decorating parties, and the place where children run to find what Santa Claus has left them on Christmas Day. To help you choose the perfect tree this year we have information in the pages below on Christmas tree styles, and tips for you to get the best from your real Christmas tree this year.

To learn about the different kinds of real Christmas trees available, take a look at our Popular Christmas Trees page. To get the best your tree has to offer check out our tips on Christmas Tree Maintenance. We’ve got interesting statistics on real trees, and you can learn about the history of the Christmas tree below.

The History of the Christmas Tree

The earliest claim to the first use of the Christmas tree is in Riga, Latvia, a Baltic state in Northern Europe. There is a plaque in the city center that states: “The first New Year’s tree in Riga, Latvia in 1510.” There is much speculation that the use of the Christmas tree in Riga was a mixture of both Christian and Pagan traditions. Still in the 16th Century, but a few decades later, Martin Luther is alleged to have put candles on an evergreen tree to symbolize the stars in the sky. Some argue that the decorated Christmas tree began with him.

We may never really know exactly who first decorated a Christmas tree, but we do know that by the 1600s the tradition had taken hold in parts Northern Europe and that some priest were complaining that the celebration was taking away from the true meaning of the season. It wasn’t until the 1800s that Christmas trees became widespread throughout Europe and even in the United States. A number of US cities claim to be the first to have used Christmas trees, the earliest of which being Windsor Locks, Connecticut in 1777.

Since the inception, Christmas tree decorations, ornaments, and traditions have continued to change and evolve. There’s even a US National Christmas Tree ( that is lit each year with great anticipation!

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